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Black is back. PEQ-503 EQs with the optional black knobs.

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Saturday, alone with my electric soldering iron... (Yeah, a little reference to a Billy Joel song)... Building a couple of PEQ-503 EQs for a client.

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DOA-12 Discrete Opamp testing on my PCB Test Jig... HP test equipment says 0.0015% distortion @ +17dBm, loaded 600-ohms, 1Khz, 30Khz BW. You can buy the DOA-12 Discrete Opamp, and the Opamp PCB Test Jig at the FiveFish website. smile emoticon You can upgrade your preamps (FiveFish or other models) to our DOA-12 opamps.

"DOA-12 discrete opamp testing on my OpAmp PCB Test Jig. On-board BNC connectors connected directly to HP8903B test equipment."
".0015% distortion"
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